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This page let you freely query the database and compare any type of data ...

Criteria list for series selection

Series selection name
  • the "Add serie" button is activated when a selection is complete
  • the criteria list can be reorganized with "drag and drop"
  • double click on a criteria label to rename it
  • enter a name and click on "Save" to save your series selection
  • select a name to reload a previously saved series selection
  • a previously saved series selection can also be deleted

Chart type 
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Active serie:
  • you may change the X axis variable range
  • you may change the min and max of the Y axis
  • you may click on a data plot in the chart and
    • change the scale factor of its serie
    • remove its serie from the selections

Rule:    (Ex. (x > 6000) will hilite all values greater than 6000)