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R&D main indicators - Expenditure

R&D expenditure

  • Statistics on R&D expenditure are used to measure who conducts research and in which domains or economic sectors, who funds it, where it takes place, how cost items relate to each other, and collaborations between institutions and sectors. Expenditure statistics are used to inform the development of fiscal and financial incentives to stimulate R&D activities, and to understand how R&D contributes to economic growth and societal well-being.

R&D expenditure by nace code at the regional level

  • The presentation of R&D expenditure by nace code at the regional level can only be shown at an aggregated level for confidentiality reasons. Because of the limited number of R&D active companies in certain economic sectors, it is not possible to publish data at a more detailed level.

R&D expenditure by nace code at the national level

  • Unlike the presentation of R&D expenditure at the regional level, national data can be presented in more detail.