Research and Development - Expenditure

Statistics on R&D expenditure are used to measure who conducts research and in which domains or economic sectors, who funds it, where it takes place, how cost items relate to each other, and how institutions and sectors collaborate with each other. Expenditure statistics are used to inform the development of fiscal and financial incentives to stimulate R&D activities, and to understand how R&D contributes to economic growth and societal well-being.

The application below enables the user to create statistics on R&D expenditure according to the following criteria:

  • source of domestic funding (business, government, higher education, private non-profit)
  • source of funding from abroad
  • type of cost (personnel, current costs, investments)
  • type of R&D (basic, applied, experimental)
  • field of science (natural sciences, engineering, medical, agricultural, social sciences, humanities)
  • size class

Search criteria

  • To activate the  Add Data Series  button, make a selection in each criteria.
  • Criteria may be selected automatically if only one option is available.
  • Available options depend on selections made in the previous criteria.
  • To delete a series, click on the "trash" icon in the table below.


  • The year range can be adjusted with the horizontal sliders
  • You can change the scale factor of a series by clicking it in the chart and then moving the vertical slider