Research and Development - R&D expenditure by nace code at the national level

(only available for the business sector)

Unlike the presentation of R&D expenditure at the regional level, national data can be presented in more detail.

Data are shown by main activity or by product field.
The main activity is the industrial or commercial activity which generates most of the company's turnover.
The product field on the other hand looks at the output or product (good or service) of the R&D activity as the basis of the classification, regardless of which industry produces it.

From 2008 onwards, data are presented in accordance with nace classification revision 2. For older data, nace classification revision 1.1 is used.

Search criteria

  • To activate the  Add Data Series  button, make a selection in each criteria.
  • Criteria may be selected automatically if only one option is available.
  • Available options depend on selections made in the previous criteria.
  • To delete a series, click on the "trash" icon in the table below.


  • The year range can be adjusted with the horizontal sliders
  • You can change the scale factor of a series by clicking it in the chart and then moving the vertical slider