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R&D main indicators - Personnel

R&D personnel in general

  • R&D is conducted by highly specialized personnel and includes the following tasks:
    • performing scientific and technical work for an R&D project (setting up and carrying out experiments or surveys, building prototypes, etc.)
    • planning and managing R&D projects
    • preparing interim and final reports for R&D projects
    • providing support services for R&D projects (e.g. dedicated computing, library and documentation work)
    • providing administrative support concerning financial and personnel aspects of R&D projects.

R&D personnel by function

  • R&D personnel includes all persons contributing directly to R&D activities, including trained researchers, and supporting staff, such as technicians with high levels of technical experience and training, and administrative staff.

R&D personnel by level of education

  • R&D personnel can be classified by level of formal education using the UNESCO's International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011.

R&D personnel by field of science (only available for the non-profit sectors)

  • R&D personnel can be grouped based on the field of science they conduct research in, using the OECD's Fields of Research and Development (FORD) classification

R&D personnel by nace code at the regional level (only available for the business sector)

  • The presentation of R&D expenditure by nace code at the regional level can only be shown at an aggregated level for confidentiality reasons. Because of the limited number of R&D active companies in certain economic sectors, it is not possible to publish data at a more detailed level.
  • NACE (=Nomenclature statistique des Activités économiques dans la Communauté Européenne) is a classification system developed by Eurostat to group companies according to their industrial activity.

R&D personnel by nace code at the national level (only available for the business sector)

  • Unlike the presentation of R&D expenditure at the regional level, national data can be presented in more detail.
  • Personnel information is available in both head counts and full-time equivalents.

R&D personnel by size class (only available for the business sector)

  • R&D personnel in the business sector can be classified according to the total number of persons employed by the company.