Research and Development - Personnel by function

R&D is conducted by highly specialized personnel and includes the following tasks:


  • creating new knowledge and new applications of knowledge
  • planning and managing R&D projects
  • Writing up research results

Supporting R&D personnel

  • providing scientific and technical support services for R&D projects (e.g. dedicated computing, library and documentation work, laboratory testing)
  • providing administrative support concerning financial and personnel aspects of R&D projects.

Statistics on R&D personnel can be created using the following indicators. We distinguish between researchers on the one hand and total personnel (= researchers + supporting R&D personnel) on the other. :

In head counts (HC)

  • total R&D personnel in HC
  • total female R&D personnel in HC
  • researchers in HC
  • female researchers in HC
  • technicians and other personnel in HC
  • female technicians and other personnel in HC

In full-time equivalents (FTE)

  • total R&D personnel in FTE
  • total female R&D personnel in FTE
  • researchers in FTE
  • female researchers in FTE
  • technicians and other personnel in FTE
  • female technicians and other personnel in FTE

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