Research and Development - Personnel by nace code at the national level

(only available for the business sector)

Unlike the presentation of R&D expenditure at the regional level, national data can be presented in more detail.

Personnel information is available in both head counts and full-time equivalents.

From 2008 onwards, data are presented in accordance with nace classification revision 2. For older data, nace classification revision 1.1 is used.

Search criteria

  • To activate the  Add Data Series  button, make a selection in each criteria.
  • Criteria may be selected automatically if only one option is available.
  • Available options depend on selections made in the previous criteria.
  • To delete a series, click on the "trash" icon in the table below.


  • The year range can be adjusted with the horizontal sliders
  • You can change the scale factor of a series by clicking it in the chart and then moving the vertical slider