Government budget appropriations for R&D (GBARD)

Overview of the government budget appropriations for R&D (GBARD) in Belgium in the period 1989-2022i. For the years 1989 to 2021, the overview is based on the final budget figures, and for 2022, on the initial budget figures.

Definition of GBARD:

As already mentioned in the section "Why are STI statistics important and how are they compiled in Belgium?" (see the first page of this chapter concerning R&D statistics), R&D statistics can be deduced from the ex ante data based on the budgets of the competent authorities. These statistics give an overview of the estimation of R&D; expenditure by the public authorities and are consequently less precise. However, they have the advantage of being available quite rapidly. The result of this data collection is the standard aggregate ‘Government budget appropriations or outlays for R&D’ (GBARD).

The GBARD allow all those who would like to have an idea of the policy conducted and to be conducted in the field of scientific research.

The data is classified according to

  • its institutional or functional purpose and (CFS/STAT in French or in Dutch)
  • its socioeconomic objectives (NABS)

The aim of this distribution is to make politically relevant information available to users. For this reason, we have chosen to present broad categories and statistical series that take into account the means attributed to every function. Hence, the classification used is aimed at systematically presenting the intentions of the authorities rather than the detailed contents of the R&D activities financed.

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